The most recent WhatsApp for iOS update adds a search by date feature to the iPhone.

The most recent WhatsApp for iOS update adds a search by date feature to the iPhone.

WhatsApp's latest fully stable update for iPhone users has been released. The update, which includes the ability to search for messages by date, is now available to iOS users via the Apple App Store. The new update also allows users to drag and drop images, videos, and documents from other apps into the messaging app and share them in chat messages with other WhatsApp users. The update has begun to reach some iPhone users and is expected to reach all users soon.

The Meta-owned instant messaging and voice-over-IP platform has released the latest stable update with the build number 23.1.75 for iOS users on the Apple App Store. Users can now search for and find specific messages in chat by date, thanks to the most recent update. It also adds drag-and-drop functionality between other apps for images, documents, and videos that the user wants to share via WhatsApp.

Previously, iOS WhatsApp users could only search for messages using keywords, but this appears to have changed with the introduction of the search-by-date feature on WhatsApp for iOS. The search-by-date feature appears as a scrollable menu inside the messaging window, allowing users to select the date, month, and year that they want to skip to.

However, the scrollable menu appears to end at the date when the chat history of the specific messaging window begins. As a result, the feature could also serve as a quick way to check on and navigate through each messaging window's existing chat history timeline.

The latest update also retains previous updates' introductions, such as the ability for users to hide their online status and a shortcut to message oneself, which opens a chat window at the top of the user's chat list.

However, it appears that the newly introduced WhatsApp update is now appearing in the App Store for some select users. As a result, a broader rollout could be expected in the coming days.

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