The Apple iPhone 15 Plus Will Be More Affordably Priced in 2023; Here's Why

The Apple iPhone 15 Plus Will Be More Affordably Priced in 2023; Here's Why

Apple unveiled the 14-series iPhone this year, which includes four new variants. However, Apple is reportedly concerned about the iPhone 14 Plus's sales and is considering revamping its iPhone 15 portfolio, as well as lowering the price of the iPhone 15 Plus.

According to MacRumors' yeux1122, who has previously reported both accurate and false information, Apple is researching methods to rethink how it handles Pro and non-Pro iPhones for the iPhone 15. The first potential option, as described in the article, is for the tech giant to further differentiate between Pro and non-Pro iPhones.

Second, according to the source, Apple is considering lowering the price of the lineup's Plus model, which currently starts at USD 899, citing supply chain and business insiders (around Rs 75,000). If Apple lowers the price of the iPhone 15 Plus, it is likely that the basic iPhone, which starts at USD 799 (approximately Rs 66,000), will follow suit, unless Apple wishes to eliminate the price difference between the two handsets.

Apple has recently modified and reassessed its iPhone portfolio. The tech behemoth first offered small- and large-sized iPhone models with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus before expanding to four models, including two regular and two high-end variants, with varied finishes, hues, and camera features.

According to a new rumour, Apple plans to include the pill-shaped Dynamic Island display feature in all iPhone 15 models. Meanwhile, the high-refresh ProMotion display is not expected to be available with the vanilla or Plus models. According to the article, Apple purchases its LTPO panels from Samsung and LG and its traditional 60Hz screens from BOE.

BOE will not have LTPO panels available in time for the iPhone 15's release. Apple will most likely use the existing 60Hz panels for the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. According to reports, Apple planned to release the Apple iPhone 15 Ultra rather than the "Pro Max" model the following year. According to reports, the iPhone will include a periscope lens and 8K video.

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