Bullitt's Two-Way Satellite Messaging Service Will Be Available for Motorola's Defy Rugged Smartphone: Report

Bullitt's Two-Way Satellite Messaging Service Will Be Available for Motorola's Defy Rugged Smartphone: Report

In the first quarter of 2023, Motorola will launch satellite messaging service on its upcoming Defy rugged smartphone. Bullitt has partnered with the company to bring satellite connectivity to its Android devices. Apple introduced satellite connectivity with the iPhone 14 series. The feature on the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14Pro models allows users to make an emergency call and send SOS messages even when no cellular or Wi-Fi connection is available. As announced at CES 2023, Motorola is also planning to bring this feature to the Android ecosystem.

According to Android Authority, Bullitt Satellite Connect's satellite messaging service in Motorola phones will allow users to send and receive text messages, make SOS calls, and share their location without requiring a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. The company has confirmed that this feature will be available with the upcoming Motorola Defy rugged 5G smartphone. However, no other official information about the aforementioned smartphone has been released.

According to the report, in order to use this service on the Motorola Defy rugged 5G smartphone, users must first instal the free Bullitt Satellite Messenger app. Initially, the service will only support text and emoji, but this will be expanded to include images, audio, and video support in the future. Bullitt also stated that users who have the free Android or iOS app installed on their device will be able to receive and respond to messages sent by Bullitt Satellite Messenger via IP or satellite service. Users who do not have the app, on the other hand, will receive the messages as SMS, but will be unable to respond to them.

Those without a phone that supports satellite connectivity will be able to use the app via Wi-Fi or a cellular connection.

According to a Bullitt representative, the Android version of SOS will be released in stages. It will first be available in Europe and North America in Q1 2023, followed by Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Latin America in the first half of 2023. This feature will be available in other countries in the second half of the year.

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