Why Samsung Removed The Headphone Jack From The Galaxy Note 10

Why Samsung Removed The Headphone Jack From The Galaxy Note 10

Samsung is therefore over the earphone jack.

After 3 years of bashing Apple for removing the three.5 millimetre earphone jack from the iPhone, Samsung has joined its rival and killed the audio port from its new Galaxy Note ten phones, too.

Yep, the jack is gone from Samsung's biggest and most powerful phone of the year, and it's doubtless ne'er returning in any future Galaxy Notes.

But why is Samsung eliminating the analog audio port when holding out for thus long?

The answer is also obvious to engineers and designers: The jack had to travel so as to form space for different parts.

Specifically, Samsung required more room to cram larger batteries into each the Galaxy Note ten and Note 10+.

Samsung's director of product strategy and promoting Suzanne Delaware timberland told ME sooner than the Note 10s' Unpacked launch event that as a result of the 2 Note 10s are therefore skinny, they required more room on the vertical coordinate axis to displayed the battery cells.

Samsung may have crammed in larger batteries that are thicker, however that may have also meant creating the Note 10s fatter also.

By gutting the earphone jack and creating the batteries dilutant and taller, Samsung was ready to safely match them within the phones' skinny bodies.

If you recall, the explanation why Note seven phones exploded in 2016 was as a result of the batteries barely match into their skinny bodies. Samsung tried to cram each possible phone feature within the Note seven and paid the value. With the Note ten, Samsung's not taking any possibilities. a giant and safe battery comes at the expense of the earphone jack. Don't like it? Get a Galaxy S10 or pel 3a or 3a XL instead.

And skinny because the Note ten batteries are, Samsung says they are going through a similar 8-point battery safety check as all of its batteries have since the Note seven disaster.

There's additionally another excuse Samsung removed the earphone jack: per the company's post-purchase analysis, the bulk of Galaxy Note users are victimization wireless headphones or earbuds with their phones.

Whether they're victimization Samsung's own IconX or Galaxy Buds or another brand's wireless headphones, Delaware timberland same Note users are early adopters of latest technologies and have embraced a wire-free listening expertise.

My own pseudoscientific polling on Twitter additionally suggests folks aren't fazed by the death of the jack. perhaps it's as a result of different phones, just like the pel three and OnePlus seven professional and Huawei P30 professional, don't have earphone jacks, either. or even as a result of everyone's got wireless earbuds. regardless of the case, the loss of the port isn't any longer as unreasonable because it was a number of years past.

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