Microsoft Hired A Guy Named Mac Book to Diss Apple In The Company's Latest Surface Ad

Microsoft Hired A Guy Named Mac Book to Diss Apple In The Company's Latest Surface Ad

Microsoft loves comparison it product with Apple's which no secret. the corporate has long been comparison Surface devices with Apple's MacBooks, and a few of these earlier comparisons were quite convincing to mention the smallest amount.

In its latest Surface business, Microsoft very needs you to believe that its computers area unit higher than Apple and thought it might be a wise plan to rent somebody named Mac (short for Mackenzie) Book. Once the ad begins by establishing Mac's name, succeeding twenty seconds is devoted to trashing Apple within the lamest attainable means.

Microsoft primarily employed a bloke known as Mac Book and asked him that portable computer is quicker, that one lasts longer, and that one encompasses a higher bit screen. The joke with the last one is, of course, the MacBook not having barely screen in the least.

The entire purpose of the video was primarily to finish with a punchline that reads, "You ought to get a Surface. Trust me, i am Mac Book."

Yes, Microsoft truly revealed the ad.

If you are questioning however this ad war between the 2 brands happened, Apple and Microsoft have an extended history of taking jabs at one different by means of commercials. The one standout campaign that Apple had return up with back within the 2000's is its painting "Get a Mac" campaign stellar Justin Long and John Hodgman that pictured however Apple's MacBooks offered higher performance and movability in comparison to the laptop. Microsoft did hit right back with a wise business that showed the various vary of individuals that really use Windows.

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