Here’s Why The Samsung Galaxy Note Series Still Exists

Here’s Why The Samsung Galaxy Note Series Still Exists

Back in 2011, the launch of the primary Galaxy Note left each critics and users shocked. The Note was larger than the other smartphone anyone had ever seen and looked like a results of Samsung’s overwhelming ambitions. however very little did anyone recognize that the primary Note phone would revolutionize the smartphone trade and set a precedent that might solely become thought within the future. except the larger screen size, the Note set itself apart by providing a stylus and a bevvy of package options that were tailored around it.

But over the years, things have modified plenty. Today, 6-inches of screen realty is nearly the norm and phones with large displays ar obtainable across all worth segments. And if we tend to state pure sinew, the OnePlus seven professional is maybe as powerful because the fresh undraped Note ten if not higher. over anything, Samsung’s own flagship S series has inched perilously on the brink of what the Note lineup offers. except having the ability to boast regarding its distinct S-Pen, the Note series doesn’t have a lot of to line itself except the S10+.

So why is Samsung still keeping on with the Note series?

To answer this question right off the bat; the S Pen. If you’ve noticed with a squint, Samsung has spent substantial time in rethinking what the S Pen is and do ever since the Note seven debacle. The Note 9’s S-Pen was a whole overhaul over the previous generations and was the primary stylus from Samsung that had its own battery and support for BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). This enabled an entire ton of recent applications like skipping music tracks and taking footage that simply weren’t attainable with styluses before.

This not solely exaggerated the Pen’s feature-set, however it additionally exaggerated the phone’s universal charm. Samsung is currently actively attempting to push the Note line and its S-Pen out of a distinct segment and is attempting to form the phone additional relatable to a wider userbase.

There’s one more reason why Samsung would possibly suppose it’s relevant to stay the Note series alive. Smartphone life cycles have drastically small over the years. What wont to be a year earlier, has currently stewed all the way down to half-dozen and even three months for a few OEMs. With such a rise in competition, whole visibility is completely necessary. Hence, a rather improved product (the Note compared to the flagship S model) that’s launched once half-dozen months, helps cater to Associate in Nursing audience that has fresh entered the market to shop for a brand new flagship phone.

A client wanting purchase|to shop for} a brand new premium flagship phone within the half of the year would ideally buy one thing that was simply free instead of subsiding for a phone that was launched at the beginning of the year. If the Note line hadn’t existed, it might provide a position to firms like Huawei and Apple that unharness new flagship phones within the half-moon of the year.

Although, we are able to argue that the Note line now not enjoys the distinctive positioning it wont to in its years of infancy, the Note line still plays a strategic role for Samsung.

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