Google Is Planning To Launch A Premium Subscription Service For Apps And Games

Google Is Planning To Launch A Premium Subscription Service For Apps And Games

Google seems to be wanting to increase its efforts to extend Play Store revenue and take cues from arch-rival Apple in doing therefore.

As per a report revealed by Android Police, Google's been found testing a monthly subscription service referred to as ‘Play Pass’ to grant users access to a lot of premium android apps and games.

According to the report, the monthly pass can value users roughly $4.99, and reciprocally, enable access to a bunch of apps with none ads, fees, or in-app purchases. From what we have a tendency to build of it to this point, it will seem quite evident that the premium pass catalogue can embody games, music apps similarly as fitness apps.

The proof that such a service was being worked on, was found last year by of us at XDADevelopers when developers discovered code references at intervals the android app store. However, as per the new finding, it seems that this feature has currently been rapt to the testing part.

With the launch of Apple's premium game subscription — Apple Arcade — service nearing, Google seems to making an attempt its luck with its own game/app subscription service on android even supposing iOS users pay tons extra money in App Store purchases than android users.

Given the rising quality of music and video subscription services generally, Google's gamble with Play Pass might pay off. however it will stay to be seen if the model will work well for games and apps.

As of now, there is been no news on Google's behalf concerning once the service can become wide obtainable. The technology big additionally hasn't mentioned the countries during which the subscription service are going to be tested, however with Arcade inbound this fall, it ought to be long before we have a tendency to hear a lot of concerning Play Pass.

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