Apple Will Give You $1 Million If You Can Hack an iPhone

Apple Will Give You $1 Million If You Can Hack an iPhone

Apple has dilated its bug bounty program, increasing the rewards for security researchers World Health Organization will incontrovertibly hack AN iOS or macOS device.

The company initial launched its bug bounty program in 2016, giving rewards of up to $200,000 for locating vulnerabilities in iOS devices that may permit AN aggressor to realize full management of the device, with none user interaction.

Now, on stage at the Black Hat conference, that takes place from August three - eight in city, Apple head of security Ivan Krsti? declared vital changes to the program (via ZDNet). This fall, the reward are going to be augmented to $1,000,000, and can expand to any or all of Apple's platforms: iOS, iCloud, tvOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and macOS.

This is, again, for gaining full management of the device remotely, while not the user touching something.

There will even be smaller rewards, up to $500,000, for revealing different sorts of vulnerabilities; as an example, bypassing AN iPhone's lock screen whereas having physical access to the device can web you $100,000, whereas kernel code execution via a user-installed app is price $150,000.

Apple will begin giving a fifty % bonus for any bugs found in its pre-release builds.

The news concerning Apple's dilated bug bounty program was initial reportable by Forbes, that aforesaid Apple would offer security researches jailbroken iPhones, to form it easier for them to go looking for vulnerabilities.

The $1 million figure might sound sort of a heap, however it's really simply Apple catching up with the stress of the market. In 2016, security company Zerodium started giving $1,500,000 for a "zero-day" iOS hack (the provide was since augmented to $2 million), and security consultants will usually sell freshly found security vulnerabilities for even larger sums to governments and major firms.

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